1990 - 1999

Pierre Montant _ Artiste peintre _ Suisse _ Tableaux _ Années 1990 _ L'approche éblouie
“L’approche éblouie”

Each painting of Pierre Montant is a unique journey. We enter into them very easily because of their subject and also because of their large format. In 1990, Pierre Montant created L’approche éblouie, a painting of 2.5 meters in width and 3.4 meters in length. It was offered by the Swiss Confederation to the City of Geneva. We are suddenly part of the Swiss delegation approaching Geneva by boat on Lake Geneva in 1815. With delight and joy, we contemplate the city emerging in the distance in the green bower of Lake Geneva.

The miracle occurs when the vibrations nature operates in me are transmitted to the spectator… A painting is really living if you feel it as a stab in your eye. The optical shock received, all the vibrating emotions will spread in your sensitiveness as a stone thrown in a lake.



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