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Born in 1941 in Geneva, Switzerland Pierre Montant grew up in Switzerland surrounded by his family.

He became a medical doctor in 1967 and worked in Paris as a consultant for construction of hospitals in the Middle East. It was from 1970 that he devoted himself exclusively to painting, which he practiced first in New York then in Boissano (Marie-Louise Jeanneret Foundation), or even in Rome.

Since 1985, Pierre Montant has lived and worked in Geneva, together with his wife, Theresa. They have a daughter, Alix, born in 1989.

The sweet pleasure of life is the fleeting illusion. A painting is the permanent illusion. A “magical” place is magical because it contains an enigma: it is up to the painting to show it!



Invitation to Stockbridge High School


Citation from the City of New York


Swiss Federal Fine Arts Scholarship


Film on his work sponsored by Foundation Simon I. Patino


selected works

Pierre Montant _ Artiste peintre _ Suisse _ Bibliographie _ Le diapason de l'espace _ Peintures de 1970 à 2003

Catalogue of the exhibition Swiss Artists in New York


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Catalogue of the Saydie Bronfman Center Montreal

Catalogue of the Saydie Bronfman Center Montreal

Pierre Montant ou le diapason de l’espace – Paintings 1970-2003




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