2020 - 2029

Detail of “Distance à Venice beach”

What strikes me most in my father’s work is its coherence. As I go through his paintings from the 70’s to today and the texts that have been written about his work, I realize that his approach has always had the same goal, finding what is beyond what nature seems to show us and to express it on a canvas. He walks around, curious, his eye always on the lookout. His way of observing the world around him has always amazed me.


– Alix Montant

Painting is a mental thing and also a language of synthesis. The shocking vision, at the beginning, surprising, imperative, cosmic, slowly turns into an obsession. It involves me all the more that I lived it and felt it strongly. Soon, it will be absolutely necessary to express this on a canvas. And then the synthesis between the spirit, the heart and the gut will perhaps materialize into a painting.



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